precision laser cutting

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> High precision laser cutting & engraving
> CNC routing
> High quality UV printing & eco-solvent    roll printing
> Metal marking
> Painting and finishing
> Custom orders
> Quick quotes 
> Short lead times
> Rapid design changes
> Large production runs
> ADA Compliant Braille signs
> Custom business signs
> In-house programming
> Optimized production runs for reduced    waste


"Like laser technology itself, our company is set up to be extremely responsive. We go out of our way to offer the kind of service that turns first-time customers into friends for life. This philosophy applies equally when you call with small orders or single prototypes, huge production runs or anything in between."

-- Mary (Owner, RMS Laser)

Laser cut wood bathroom signage



Routed Hotel Room Signage  Braille



Laser Cut Wood intricate Art Installation



Routed Painted Wood Golf Marker Post


Looking for high quality signs or storefront displays? RMS can create 2D and 3D point-of-purchase displays, custom backdrops for window displays, light box signage, lettering and even wooden signs featuring hand-crafted antique designs. Let us help get your business noticed with custom designs cut from wood, acrylics, Rowmark, foam, brushed metals and more.

RMS manufactures parts for a variety of medical applications and well-known research laboratories. Our lasers are perfect for the medical field because of their clean, precise ability to cut plastics, metal parts and specialized materials that aren't easily easy to work with using any other process. We routinely cut Delrin, polyester fabric, mylar, stainless and spring steel for these demanding clients.

Fabric & Leather
We can handle virtually any fabric - anything from polyesters and natural fibers to heavy-duty leather. The laser typically seals the fabric edge cleanly as it cuts. This means no loose fibers, and absolutely no charring. No wonder we're so popular with clothing designers, vehicle restoration companies and companies who manufacture accessories like shoes, belts and leather bags.

Consumer Electronics
Electronics manufacturers large and small rely on RMS for precision OEM parts used in a variety of components. Turn to us for value-conscious solutions on custom backing plates, access panels, cover plates and internal components like spacers and gaskets. Call us for design, prototyping or any size production runs cutting Delrin, foam, plastic or just about anything else your engineering department dreams up.

Floors and Inlays
From simple elegance to the unbelievably elaborate and ornate, we create custom inlays both for individual architects and for use as promotional items. The design possibilities and types of wood are limited only by your imagination. Once you have a good laser cutting specialist on your team, you'll quickly realize that the sky is indeed the limit. If you could use some fresh inspiration, ask us to send you a couple of samples.

Architectural Models
Architectural design firms appreciate the way laser's precision and detail bring their models to life. We're able to cut intricate patterns that mimic brickwork, wood shingling, window and door frames and even lattice work. Choose from materials like wood, acrylics, paper and steel. Our technology can help you create impressively realistic miniature buildings, large topographical displays and more.

Custom gaskets and obsolete parts for vintage car restoration are two more ideal applications. This is an area where our ability to fill very small orders proves to be a big asset. We can create the parts you need out of paper, plastic, metal, foam, rubber or cork. Industry-standard CAD files certainly help, but we've also been known to successfully cut parts based on an accurate hand drawing.

Trophies, Awards & Promotional Items
Custom trophies and awards can be cut from nearly any of our standard materials. We also manufacture a wide range of custom promotional items including key chains, business card holders, names tags and bag tags of all shapes and sizes. Our flexible laser cutting systems allow surface engraving on materials up to a full 12" thick. We can etch and engrave photographs and detailed pictures for a more customized design.

We work with a number of model designers who sell from plans instead of maintaining expensive inventories. When an order is received, our client lets us know. Then, we simply place a sheet of material into our system. In a single streamlined process, parts are cut, then engraved with part numbers and assembly instructions. Within minutes, a complete set of components ready to ship (for the most cost-effective solution, we recommend running batches of ten or more at a time). From one custom stencil to thousands of small parts, we offer efficiency at its best.


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