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Here are the answers to some common questions our customers have:

Q: Why laser?
A: State-of-the-art laser cutting technology offers several distinct advantages:
No tool contact
No tooling charges
Rapid design
Minimal setup charges
Ideal for short runs
Easy design modifications
Unmatched accuracy and repeatability

We have the ability to create designs by laser cutting, laser etching, and laser routing to your specifications.

Q: How large (or small) an order can you handle?
A: This technology (and the RMS business model) makes us a great choice for everything from high-end one-of-a-kind parts to runs numbering in the thousands.

Q: Will you make a single prototype of my design?
A: Yes. Prototypes start at $150.00

Q: What materials can you cut?

A: Just about anything up to 48" x 48", excluding aluminum, brass, copper and PVC-based products. We are experts at cutting wood, metals, plastic, acrylic, delrin, foam, fabric and more. Check out our Materials page, or feel free to send a sample of your own material along with a copy of the appropriate MSDS sheet.

Q: How quickly can I get my parts?
A: Normal lead time is two to three weeks from receipt of order. It can take longer based on material availability. In a big hurry? We offer two-day rush service for small runs and prototypes. There is a minimum rush charge of $150.00; this is in addition to any programming or prototyping charges. Regardless of how fast you need the product, the quality will always be the highest possible.

Q: How tight are your tolerances?
A: Standard quotes are based on +- .006". We can actually get even tighter, but please let us know exactly what you need before we quote your part.

Q: What's the quickest way to get a quote?
A: The absolute fastest method is to email us a DXF file showing exactly what you need cut, then follow up with a phone call. We normally turn quotes around in two to three working days, but if you need numbers sooner just let us know.

Q: What type of programs do you work with, what files can I send?

A: We work with CAD/CAM, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Plotter code. We accept: CDR, PLT, DXF, DWG and AI. Please be sure to export an AI file as a legacy and save it as a version 8. When you send your file please remember to send it 1 to 1, 100% to scale. If you need a sign that is 3 feet long, make sure your drawing is 3 feet long as well.

Q: What do you charge for programming?
A: $75 per hour, billed in 1/2-hour increments. Naturally, we provide you an estimate on these charges before starting your job.

Q: What if I need a sample for testing before I run lots of parts?
A: No problem - we're always happy to produce a single prototype.

Q: Do you accept payment via credit card?

A: Yes RMS Laser accepts Visa and Mastercard. Or your order can be shipped COD.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Privacy is our policy. We never, ever share, sell, trade or otherwise exploit any information given to us by customers or potential customers. And we never will.


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